My happy place 

I am currently sat on my Lazy Boy couch wrapped in my favourite fluffy warm blanket I bought from Walmart. It’s the best purchase ever! No buyer’s remorse at all! 

Right now, I’m also watching Mindhunters, it is so freaking good! I’m glad Netlfix has a ton of new shows to watch because I just finished Stranger Things Season 2. I regret binge watching it because I miss it and I’m probably going to watch it multiple times until they release Season 3 &4 late next year. Big sigh! 

What else is new? Oh, weather today was shitty and grey. There were rumours for snow today, but didn’t see it when I was out…maybe it is right now. No no, I really hope it’s not snowing right now because it is too early! Canada doesn’t believe in early, if it wanted to snow in August I wouldn’t even be surprised because it is well…Canada!

Another thing, I have been dating which was nonexistent for almost a year and a half because I’ve just been whining and not really taking action. However I did date and I am realizing I suck at dates. I’m just giving it a fair chance because of societal pressures and because of the endless nagging, but I’m sick and tired of that. I think the truth is I’ve been so caught up with the idea of soulmate in my head or this weird idea of love that doesn’t exist which force me to find everyone I meet boring or not up to standard. What’s wrong with me? Sometimes I go thru existential crisises and not just from Neil DeGrasse Tyson books, but life in general. Are my standards too high? Why am I so picky? What if my potential husband was one of the guys I’ve dated? 

Okay, I’ll stop! He’s somewhere! He could be dating some lowlife because he hasn’t found me yet Lol! I’m just rambling…okay I’ll get back to watching Mindhunters. 



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Foodie, professional shower singer, fashion and makeup lover.

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